Regression Testing – a definition

I believe that although the term ‘Regression Testing’ is widely used, it is subject to a wide range of interpretations. Based on the Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘Regression’, I would like to humbly propose a definition of ‘Regression Testing’.

First the Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘Regression’:

A return to a former or less developed state

A definition of ‘Regression Testing’:

Testing focused on the risk that, following changes to a product or a component part of it, that product returns to an undesired former state, or a less developed state.

I have included the word ‘undesired’ as it is of course possible that an earlier version of a product might be more desirable.

Please feel free to comment, and suggest improvements or alternatives to this definition.

Please also see my blog about Regression and Risk – ‘Going back to where we once went wrong’.

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