Which blogs should I read?

There are some wonderful blogs and articles written by testers. I recommend following the sites listed below and keeping an eye out for interesting articles. I learn a huge amount from reading these blogs. For simplicity I have listed them in alphabetical order according to the blogger’s first name. Click on the name to be redirected to the site. If you have suggestions for blogs I could include in this list, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

  1. Aaron Hodder
  2. Adam Knight
  3. Albert Gareev
  4. Anne-Marie Charrett
  5. Ash Winter
  6. Cassandra H. Leung
  7. Colin Cherry
  8. Dan Ashby
  9. Dan Billing
  10. Daniel Donbavand
  11. Danny Dainton
  12. David Greenlees
  13. Dorothy Graham
  14. Elisabeth Hendrickson
  15. Eric Proegler
  16. Gerald Weinberg
  17. Helena Jeret-Mäe
  18. Huib Schoots
  19. Iain McCowatt
  20. James Bach
  21. James Christie
  22. James Thomas
  23. Jari Laakso
  24. Jesper Ottosen
  25. Joe Colantonio
  26. John Stevenson
  27. Jokin Aspiazu
  28. Katrina Clokie
  29. Keith Klain
  30. Kim Knup
  31. Lee Hawkins
  32. Lyon Testing
  33. Maaike Brinkhof
  34. Maaret Pyhäjärvi
  35. Maria Kedemo
  36. Michael Bolton
  37. Mr. Slavchev
  38. Nicola Owen
  39. Patrick Prill
  40. Paul Seaman
  41. Rajesh Mathur
  42. Richard Bradshaw
  43. Simon Knight
  44. TestSheepNZ
  45. Thomas Ponnet
  46. Toby Sinclair

A special mention also for Petri Kainulainen who produces a regular round up of testing blogs, with the intention of sharing these with developers. He also writes some fine blogs and tutorials of his own. You can find Petri’s blog here.

Please let me know if I have missed you from my list… If I’m retweeting your blog or referencing you then you should be here!