The State of Testing 2016: have you completed the survey yet?

I recently took some time out to complete the ‘State of Testing Survey 2016’. You can find the survey here:

State of Testing Survey 2016 link


I had some experience of another testing survey recently run by a well known organisation who claim to promote the value of testing. Sadly their survey results were not that helpful to me. In fact I found their survey to be primarily a marketing exercise intended to promote certification of testers (something which I see little value in). I tweeted about my experiences with a few observations which you can find in my twitter feed. One of them is below.


So I was really pleased that the ‘State of Testing Survey’ is an impartial attempt to find out some valuable information about testing in 2016. The questions are designed to draw out responses which will help us understand the changes that are happening within our profession, the challenges we face and the attitudes that prevail.

The survey only took a short time to complete and I was pleased that few of the questions were mandatory. If something wasn’t relevant to me then I could skip on to the next question.

I have prepared and distributed surveys myself a couple of times previously and I know how tricky it can be phrasing questions in the right way. I also understand that it isn’t always easy knowing when to provide pre-defined responses for people to select and when to allow respondents the freedom to submit their thoughts in free text fields. In this regard the balance of the survey is excellent.

Of course surveys work better with more respondents so I would encourage anyone involved in testing to take a few minutes to complete the survey. That way we can all benefit from a wider range of survey results. I look forward to reading them!

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